The God Foundation

I believe that God is the giver of life and my children are a blessing from him. I don’t make any apologies about my personal convictions. I struggle with the thought of people talking about their faith, then making an apology for what they “say” means so much to them. Do we really believe what we proclaim, or is the desire not to offend others greater than our convictions.

There may be those that read this that believe differently from me. Your beliefs do not offend me. I am not angry if you disagree. Should I, therefore, worry about what others may think? If you have rights, then so do I. If I can share my beliefs, so can you. Why do we fear the judgment or being different from the rest of the world? In this writer’s opinion, I cannot be a strong dad and be timid about what I teach my children, especially if I “really” believe it.   

Our homes and the lives of our children must have a foundation. For me and my family, it is the belief in Jesus Christ and the authority of His word (the Bible). Some may say that love is the foundation of their home. To me, I agree with the statement, but the source of that love is a God that is bigger and more sovereign than my fallible existence.

Perhaps your view is that we should live and strive for our kids to live moral lives. I can find nothing more moral than that of what I find in the Bible. Its teachings have served my family without fail. This has been a source of hope in many hopeless situations. It has brought assurance when life offers us none. A prayer time and learning together has served as a glue for our family bond. 

Let’s be honest. You will let your family down from time to time. You will fail. Your love will not be enough. These are times that we must look beyond ourselves. This is when we need a peace that passes all understanding. That being said, I cannot explain to you, nor prove to you what I have discovered to be Truth. This is an experience and a journey that cannot be put in a simple explanation. For me as a dad, it has all come down to an element of faith. However, this faith can convict you more than any shred of evidence that you could experience.

This faith has become a staple for my life, my marriage, and my children. We live in such crazy times. Our world is broken and hurting. The foundation of God is the only source of love, hope, and assurance that I have seen to answer the needs of people. Many people, however, reject the idea for various reasons. Whether you want to relate to this as a choice or divine appointment, the heart of man wants to do what it wants to do. To surrender to this concept is to give concession to our lack of abilities and faults. 

Although many may argue, it is my conviction that children are happier, less stressed, and strengthened by faith and that of faith exercised in their parents’ lives. This is not to desire contention with other viewpoints, however, it is one that I stand by and will not apologize for. If you are moved to investigate the God foundation further, I hope and pray that you will. If you need guidance, have questions, or desire to connect with faith as your family’s foundation, there are many resources that you can reach out to. However, I would advise that you compare your information to the source of faith. Just because someone claims to have spiritual answers does not mean that you should simply rely on their words. 

For me, I advise those with questions and interest in the Christian faith to compare teachings to the Bible directly. Unfortunately, there are those out there that would lead you astray. There are those with personal agendas and teachings that promote the ideas of a cause that is not in line with that of the Bible. Avoid these individuals, but don’t give up on your journey and seeking to find truth. Some individuals feel as if it is bad to question teachers, the Bible, and even God. However, I submit to you that you only grow stronger in relationships that you can have a dialogue with. On a personal note, I am convinced that God is not afraid of your questions. 

This subject needs to conclude with a challenge. The challenge is, will you follow the truth where it leads you? Will you follow it regardless if it is different from what you believed growing up? Will you challenge yourself? Do you desire to have the strongest foundation for your home? Do you desire to be the best dad possible?