I have a Say in This

Elementary age kids should not be introduced to gender studies. I am a dad that doesn’t want kids dealing with these issues at such a young age. As I have been doing blog research on topics for dads, trying to gather resources for fathers that are truly committed to the health and development of their kids, I run across several articles and podcasts that address the issue of gender studies. This is an agenda that is coming for your kid. It is already here. If you are a new dad or have young kids, you need to listen up.

The responsibility of sex and gender education is yours. Now, that being said, there are many parents who do not teach these matters to their kids. I’m not saying that sex education is bad. However, it should be biological and not a moral argument in the school system. Morals should come from you. It definitely should not be at the elementary level. Today class, we are going to work on spelling, multiplication tables, art, and why Timmy has 2 dads. NO!

Regardless of my beliefs or your beliefs on gender roles and sex, elementary school kids don’t even know who they are yet. Besides the basics of academics, they should be putting into practice good manners, kindness, and maybe a touch up on hygiene. Little Suzie is not allowed to mess around in the kitchen and you want her messing around with gender politics?

My point is one of age and the responsibility of parents. Dads, you need to step up in this role. It is okay to answer a question on any topic if that child brings it to you. However, you don’t want a stranger to teach your 9-year-old about gender. Today, there is a war going on between adults on the political left and right. It is in the news, in our places of shopping, and within various families that our child may be associated with.

You need to be active in your child’s education. The sad part is that many fathers are not involved. When I say education, I mean their learning about life as well as their academics. You need to set boundaries on what is appropriate and acceptable. Trust me when I say that I know people on both sides of the war. I know parents that never verify the lessons taught to their kids by school teachers. I also know parents that unduly smother their kids and become the hated parent of every educator. Balance and communication are key issues.

I don’t want my kids receiving mixed messages. If they are, I want to be prepared to address them. When I disagree with a school’s agenda, I condone it with my silence if I do not speak out. There are venues for these issues; parent-teacher conferences, principal meetings, and even the school board. Beyond meetings, there are elections that can remove those that may have an agenda in which we disagree with. Finally, there are plenty of educational options these days with private schools, co-ops, online, and others. 

In many countries, there may not be an educational menu that allows you to dictate how your child learns. In America however, there are more options surfacing every year. My suggestion to you when it comes to sensitive issues like sex or gender discussions is for you to determine what is right for your household. If contentious matter arrises, you must be willing to engage it. Communication efforts within the family and with school officials may offer a solution to matters that arise. 

Secondly, educate yourself. Know what is going on in society, the school system, and other organizations that serve young people. Read books and articles from opposing viewpoints. This can strengthen your convictions and arguments. Talk to other parents, teachers, clergy, and or counselors. Never charge the hill without gathering information. This is foolish.

Finally, have it in your heart and will to fight for the innocence and emotional health of your child. To do what is right is never popular with all. So, be prepared for opposition. You only have an average of 18 years with them to install the values that you want them to learn. This learning needs to take place in the correct order and in the correct dosage. Dads, your kids need you on topics like these. Be there for them. Be the best dad possible.


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