Explaining My Book

On Monday, September 30th, 2019, my new book entitled Surviving the Smiles will be releasing…available on Amazon. Today, I wanted to take a detour from my normal blogging posts to address the purpose of the book and how it relates to “The Dad Manual”. I hope that this will not only promote it but give some clarity as to why I felt that it was important enough to do a book on the subject of passive-aggressive enemies.

As with most of the posts for this blog, I hope to provide readers with tools, resources, and skills to be a better dad. This book is just one of those tools. To me, it is a survival guide to the elements. These elements are the workplace, church, and various organizations. We want our kids to be prepared for the wolves that they will encounter in life. The most dangerous of these wolves re those that wear sheep’s clothing, smile, and pretend to be on your team.

We need not only teach our kids about this inevitable challenge, but also protect our families, and homes from the damage the “smiling agenda” can do. I’m talking about damage to your reputation and even the stability of your employment. If you have a villain at work, for example, I can almost guarantee you that he/she is not opposing you out in the open or shouting their plans for your demise from the mountain top. What they do is scheme, undermind, and work to turn others against you. You need to protect yourself and your family.

During the time of the writing for this book, I had already been through over 20 years of investment into the church and faith-based education. Sadly for me, this was where I was baptized in the cutthroat world of smilers. Therefore, I wanted to write for the future individuals that WILL go through this scenario. I had to plan the release of this book after my resignation from my most recent place of employment. Not because the organization was bad or corrupt, but that many of my “smilers” were once employed at this institution of learning. I deeply care about many of those that still work there and want to respect their privacy.

Through the years, I encountered politics, policies, bad people, and outright white-collar criminals. I battled constantly to achieve 2 goals. The first was to survive. The best revenge you can have for those that seek to harm you is for you to be successful and outlast them. The second goal was to be able to take my experiences and be able to help others that are going through the same thing.

In today’s world, there are so many people frightened or suppressed to silence. This book is a call to action…to fight. As a dad, you need to fight for your kids and your family’s security. You need to fight injustice and be an example to your children and others. The art of fighting these battles has to do with educating yourself and learning the most powerful word in the face of oppression, bullies, and injustice…no.

Sadly there are those that have lost so much due to their unwillingness to stand against the wolves. I have known such amazing people that have lost their positions in churches, organizations, or places of employment. To me, it was a matter of being able to look my kids in the eyes. I would rather risk my position than to be viewed as afraid by them. I wanted them to know that their dad was not always right, nor would he always win, but he would fight. I would fight for them, myself, and my convictions. As dads, I think that is all that we can do on what the world calls the “manly” side of who we are.  

The book itself is designed to let people know that they are not alone. I hope that it encourages them. The book is also for the smilers and those that tolerate them and their behavior. I hope it embarrasses and angers them. I hope it exposes one of the most serious problems that we have in our society.

On a recent podcast, I heard a man speak some amazing truth. Have you ever noticed that when people are wanting to survive, we will work together? However, as soon as those basic needs are secure, we turn on each other? It is my point of view that those who are working selfish agendas are either not trying to survive themselves, or they are not trying to help others do so. If we were busy with loving our neighbor, we would be too busy to conspire against him.

I hope that you will enjoy Surviving the Smiles. I hope that you will continue to equip yourself and your children with various resources of learning. I hope that you will strive to be the best dad possible.